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Hello, this is Ayman. I am the one whom people hesitate to talk about their daily life problems. Why you may ask? 

My wife was diagnosed with leukemia on 11.07.2013. Then our little journey has begun. She was hospitalized instantly, so many tests have been done so many drugs & needles. I have experienced them all, maybe not the way she experienced it but in some way. We have no experience, so we accept the procedure as it was. We had hope once when she survived the first phase of chemotherapy, but we return for a higher dose second one on 08.08.2013. Of course a third one was planned at that time, but the second one was too strong for her, her immune system collapsed. So the inevitable end for all mankind has happened to us. Unfortunately she died on 14.10.2013 which is our first year anniversary as a married couple and 3 years as lovers. She always has a sense of humor, but I didn't expect this, not that day for sure. We have started this relationship on October and end it physically on that month again. But as I told her while they took her to a colder place in the hospital, "This is not over yet. Not like this my love. We'll meet again."

I hope you like your stay as much as I experienced those memories, and show some love to people who really deserves it

Ayman Sanlitürk
January, 2014